How to Check a Used Car’s Quality without Paying a Mechanic

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Checking the Quality of a Used Car near O’Fallon, MO

Buying a used car in today’s market is incredibly challenging. The demand for vehicles is high, and manufacturers have difficulty building enough new vehicles to meet the demand, which means used cars retain value like never before. This means you will pay more money for a good used car than just a couple of years ago, so you want to make sure the vehicle you choose to spend your hard-earned money on is a good one. At Johnny Londoff Autoplex, we strive to ensure all the used cars we sell are in good mechanical condition so you can buy with confidence. Whether you choose to buy from a private party or a used car dealership, here are a few simple tips you can use to check a car’s quality without paying a mechanic.

Do Some Research

There is so much information available on just about any car you might be interested in that your first step should be to do some research. Find a couple of models that interest you, then dig into forums, reviews of the car when they were new, and long-term tests and pay attention to any typical troubles frequently reported with that model. This can help you decide if a model is reliable enough for your needs and budget. Another helpful resource is CARFAX. They track service records on individual cars and can give you insight into how well a particular car has been looked after and even if it’s been involved in an accident. Most used car dealers will provide the CARFAX for you, but individual sellers might make you purchase the report. A couple of dollars spent now could save you thousands of dollars later by highlighting a poor service history or accident damage.

Kick Some Tires

Kicking the tires isn’t an advantageous way to assess a car, but seeing that car for yourself is the point. Take some time to examine the exterior and look for issues. Start by looking for noticeable dents or scratches. Does the paint match everywhere on the car, or are any parts that look slightly different? Variations in paint color could mean parts of the car have been repainted. Examine the engine, especially with it running, and listen for any strange noises. When the engine is off, pull the dipstick out and check the oil. Try and peak underneath to see if anything is leaking. If you take it for a test drive, you can identify other things like if the car accelerates and shifts smoothly, if the brakes judder, or if there are unusual vibrations.

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