Real heatwave tips for cars near St. Peters, MO

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Real heatwave tips for cars near St. Peters, MO

High temperatures can adversely affect your vehicle during the summer months as you hit the road for vacation or other activities. However, some heatwave driving tips prepare your car for the hot weather ahead and keep it from heat-related problems.

Check your vehicle’s fluid levels

If you check your fluids, you can keep your vehicle out of trouble in the hot-weather months. Some of the fluids you need to check are:

  • Radiator coolants – ensure you don’t have a low coolant/antifreeze level in your radiator to prevent overheating.
  • Engine oil – When the temperature is elevated, motor oil gets thinner, which can cause leaks, insufficient lubrication, sludge formation, and impede the overall performance of your vehicle. To save a lot of hassle, you should ensure your engine is not low on oil.
  • Windshield wiper fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power-steering fluid
  • Brake fluid

Have your car’s belts and hoses inspected

The belts and hoses on your vehicle are essential to the engine’s overarching functionality and operation. However, the summer heat can have a negative impact on them by causing premature wear and tear. To prevent unwanted car issues like radiator overheating, it is crucial to have your car’s belts, and hoses inspected for cracks, tear, and wear. In addition, ensure the belts have sufficient tension and the idler pulleys are in tip-top condition.

Monitor Your Tire Pressure

During the summer, the hot temperature increases the air inside the tire to expand quickly, causing it to overinflate. Monitoring the pressure of your vehicle’s tires to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s standards can keep you out of trouble. It is recommended to check your spare tire and stick to the pressures found on the tire label, usually located in the driver’s door jamb. To get the accurate pressure of your tires, check it when they are cooler, especially in the morning when you have not driven on them.

Replace Your Battery

Hot temperatures can cause water to evaporate from the battery’s liquid electrolyte and accelerate corrosion. This results in shorter battery life, a weakened ability to start an engine, and decreased battery capacity. Get your battery tested to ensure it is ready for the hot summer months. Replace the battery to avoid expensive repairs if it is old.

Protect Your Car’s Interior

The summer heat can damage your car’s interior features, especially the dashboard and leather seats. You can protect the interior by parking the vehicle in the shade, using a windshield sun protector, installing seat covers, and ensuring your air conditioning system runs appropriately.

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