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Cars Oct 7, 2022

Excellent experience with Kyle and Jim, I bought my 2012 Corvette here in May and they were both excellent, no pressure. I had 1 issue with service on a door actuator but that was a misunderstanding that was quickly resolved. If you're looking to buy a Corvette this is the place to go. Thanks to Jim and Kyle for making a 6 yr old kids dream of owning a Corvette come true 👍

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Cars Mar 20, 2021

I’m the lucky purchaser of the 2012 GMC Acadia, I gotta tell you , I have never been more comfortable and pleased with a car dealership, ever! My last purchase was a new Chevrolet HHR in 2006, it’s been a great car , I have had no complaints at all, the only thing I had to replace was the plastic door handle in the inside of the drivers door, had to do that twice but admit to being a bit rough on it . Well the HHR has 220000. miles on it and I still plan on driving it to and from work when ...

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Cars Mar 18, 2021

Purchased a beautiful 2002 Grand Prix from these guys. Would go back again. As promised I was in and out in under an hour. They rock!

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