Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Vehicle near O’Fallon, MO

Used Vehicle Dealer Near O’Fallon, MO

Important Things to Consider when Purchasing a Used Vehicle near O’Fallon, MO

Looking for the best used vehicle near O’Fallon? Visit Johnny Londoff Autoplex. Buying pre-owned cars at our used car dealership near O’Fallon is cheaper than getting brand-new ones. However, the purchasing process is not the same. Even though you can strike a better bargain and get a pre-owned car that offers excellent value, there are a few important things to consider to ensure you get the best used vehicle for your money.

Maintenance History

Asking the dealership to provide you with a vehicle history report is something you shouldn’t overlook. With this report, you can ensure you are not getting a stolen vehicle or one that has been involved in a severe accident. Please do your research about the oil change interval requirements of the car and take a critical look at its history to ensure the vehicle has been regularly serviced and maintained. A car can look almost brand-new, shiny, and spotless but have many problems under the hood. So, never buy a vehicle based on visual inspection.


You can get a low and high-mileage pre-owned car. However, a lower mileage is better while looking at the mileage on a potential used car purchase. Of course, used vehicles with high mileage aren’t always bad, but they may require intensive, costly repairs to keep them running. A general rule of thumb is that a car gets around 10,000 and 12,000 miles on the odometer yearly. Depending on the number of years, you can use the number to determine if your preferred vehicle has low or high mileage.

Must-Have Features and Age

You can’t compare the automotive technology of a few years old cars to that of many years ago. There has been a dramatic improvement in the convenience, safety, comfort, entertainment, and infotainment features of recent years’ cars. So, go for the latest years’ pre-owned vehicles if you want intuitive technologies like a surround-view camera, wireless smartphone connectivity, premium audio system, and blind-spot monitoring.


A used car’s exterior and interior cleanliness can make a great first impression. So, ensure you go for a vehicle that isn’t rough, worn, or dirty. The used vehicles at Johnny Londoff Autoplex are the cleanest cars near O’Fallon. We follow strict guidelines to clean our cars after inspection and ensure you get a clean vehicle that appears as if it has never been used.

Budget, Warranty, and Overall Condition

Adhering strictly to your budget can help you avoid overspending and help shoppers make a much more rational decision when buying a vehicle. Purchasing a pre-owned car with a warranty can save you from much bigger expenses later on. Additionally, a pre-owned car with a warranty can save you from much higher costs later on. As for the overall condition, ensure the wear and tear is appropriate for its mileage and age.

Johnny Londoff Autoplex offers a large selection of pre-owned vehicles for sale near O’Fallon. Stop by our used car dealership to test drive a used car and access the best deals on pre-owned vehicles.

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